EWTBMODM final cover

Sorry. It’s just that we’re a little excited. We’ll be doing readings from the book and signings. And of course, happily, excitedly getting to meet masses (again, we hope) of our Bitter Kittens.





Tuesday, February 4

7 PM

Barnes & Noble

1805 Walnut Street

Philadelphia, PA 19103



Thursday, February 6

6 PM

Barnes & Noble

97 Warren Street

New York, NY 10007



Thursday, February 20

6:30 PM

Barnes & Noble

555 12th Street NW

Washington, DC 20004


Now, if you has a sad that these places are far away from you, keep hope alive. We may yet be coming to your neck of the woods. You can help assure that happens by, well, helping to sell the book (we’re not proud). We would never ask anyone to recommend something they didn’t believe in, so please wait until you’ve read it yourself, but if you love it, PLEASE spread the word, whether that’s through your book club, over cocktails, on your Facebook/twitter/Pinterest/Instagram/Tumblr/whatever social media we haven’t thought of (#BeMeOrDoMe, by the way), or just by shouting it loudly from the roof (#getdownbeforeyouhurtyourself). Tweet links to reviews or blast some of the quotes from the book that we’ve been putting out each day here and on our Tumblr to your followers. When we pitched this book, we told publishers that our Bitter Kittens were the reason for our success, and the book is literally dedicated to y’all, so we always knew we were going to turn to you guys to get the word out for us. You are the smartest, chic-est commentariat around and we can’t wait to meet you all face to face.

Oh, and come back here tomorrow for our first BOOK CONTEST, with totally fun giveaways!

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