A very tired and rumpled T & Lo made the final stop on the 2nd leg of their book tour last night. And while the enthusiasm and fabulosity of our Chicagoland Bitter Kittens could not make us less rumpled, the tired part pretty much evaporated as soon as we saw y’all.

But we reserve the right to not feature twitpics where we looked like crap. Instead we’re just going to feature the ones where you talk about how awesome we are. Image management, darlings. It’s the “Be Me or Do Me” way. Also: a little obnoxious. Sue us.










Things we’ve learned:

1. Our Bitter Kittens are some of the sweetest, smartest, most fabulous people you could meet. We hope, if nothing else, that those of you who came out to see us understand that we’re just as excited to meet you as you are to meet us.

2. There’s no real way to lean far back in a chair, with your upper body twisted to one side, and have a particularly flattering picture come out of it.

And if you’re a kitten in the Chicagoland area who couldn’t make it out last night, the Barnes and Noble in Old Orchard Center has autographed copies of the book, ready for Kitten consumption. Call them at 847-676-2230 to getchaself a copy.