From Chapter 9: The Well-Orchestrated Cheating Scandal:

“Since celebrities tend to leverage their personal lives for professional gain, it makes sense that an adultery or cheating scandal remains a perennial favorite among their kind when it comes time for a little career sweetening. It’s sort of the go-to scandal.”

“Smart celebrities know this, and when they screw up their personal lives, they know how to turn the public’s fascination into higher payouts and possibly even awards, if not magazine covers.”



From People magazine:

“Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott have invited reality TV cameras into their home during a very difficult time in their marriage, which was recently threatened by a cheating scandal that caused the actor to enter rehab.

Lifetime will air a new docu-series calledTrue Tori that will follow the couple as they work on their relationship, beginning when McDermott leaves treatment, the network says in a press release.

The series will premiere just three weeks after the reality show begins filming and continue with a total of six hour-long episodes that document the family in crisis.”

FAMILY IN CRISIS! Quick! Get the cameras!

AttaGIRL, Tori! Let us know if you got to the part in the chapter about how the Victim is supposed to dress for maximum press exposure. We’d be happy to fill you in on the details. We doubt you’ve actually read our book, since you pretty much wrote the book on D-List attention-whoring yourself, or at least one of the chapters in it.


Picture credit: The Daily Mail