From Chapter 6: The Art of the Canoodle:

“[C]anoodling, unlike (most) sex is this odd, celebrity-specific form of public semi-dating that is supposed to come before actual declarations that you’re dating. You and your guy or gal may hit the town for movies, dinner, and all-night sex sessions and tell everyone you’re “dating,” but for the canoodling star, there’s a constant struggle between letting everyone know you’re sleeping together and acting like you’re annoyed everyone knows you’re sleeping together.”

“During the press phase of canoodling, the couple will start allowing themselves to be seen in public together, knowing that the media is primed for just such a picture, which means the realization of it will start a frenzy.”

From the Every-Classy TMZ, who you can always rely on for a frenzy:


RIHANNA & DRAKE: HARDCORE PROOF THEY’RE 100% … Holding Hands (and Probably Banging)


Rihanna and Drake engaged in some hot, steamy, erotic … hand-holding in PUBLIC, mind you — which is all the evidence necessary to sway anyone who thought these 2 were NOT having sex again.


Playing them like a fiddle.