From Chapter 2: The Casting Couch is a Sectional:

“‘People who are married to or sleeping with a colorful B- to D-list star who hasn’t had a hit in at least a decade’ is another genre of reality TV that shoots loud-mouthed attention whores out at the public like cannon fire. They’re all entitled types living in the tackiest homes you could imagine, sashaying in front of the cameras with all the airs of a silent screen star.”

From Chapter 15: Acts of Contrition:

“The Repentant Celebrity subgenre of reality TV involves the star and his extended family airing all of their dysfunction in front of the camera. The hope is that they will be seen as “colorful” instead of the usual “sociopathic” assessments thrown their way.”


From Variety:


“Rico Suave” is making a return to pop culture, this time in the form of a new VH1 docu series.


Gerardo Mejía, the Latin singer and rapper whose 1990s hit single “Rico Suave” rose to the top of the charts, switched gears to become a music exec and settled down to have a family with his beauty queen wife, Kathy — all of which serves as fodder for his new reality series, tentatively titled “Suave Says.”

The series will follow Mejía as he passes the music torch to his children and manages a home life with his wife, son Jaden, niece Lexi and daughters Bianca and Nadia. The episodes will highlight the struggles of raising children who hope to follow in Mejía’s musical footsteps.

“Gerardo and his crazy, musical family truly break the reality TV mold,” said Susan Levison, VH1’s exec VP of original programming and production. “We knew we had our next buzz-worthy series as soon as he walked through our door. Plus, he still has those abs.”

“I can’t wait for VH1’s audience to meet my wild family,” Mejía added. “We’re like Ricky and Lucy but with a handful of crazy kids trying to run my casa.”


Do celebrities ever realize just how repetitive they can be? No wonder they’re always clawing for attention. How else would we tell them apart?