Excerpts from Chapter 10, The Epic Breakup:

“A celebrity breakup of any real value simply must play out in as public a manner as possible in order for anyone to benefit from it.”

“These are the breakups that require press releases, which, like so many celebrity press releases, will ask that everyone reading the press release respect their privacy. The smart ones will manage the situation tightly, but the messy ones will do everything within their power to play out every private bit of the relationship and aftermath for the public, who will be grateful and titillated.”

“Whatever sets it off, one or both sides of the former relationship will start dropping a whole series of bombshells about it.”

“Each side will deploy a small army of friends, employees, and coworkers to drop rumors into the gossip mill about the other side.”

“It’s warfare via publicist, and it’s very effective in getting the public to choose sides. It’s like any breakup where each person has to figure out who gets which friends, which cat, or custody of the kids, except it’s the public they’re fighting over. We’re the friends, the cats, and the kids in this tug of war.”


From TMZ:


Sources connected with the singer tell TMZ … Robin desperately wants to save his marriage.  We’re told he’s resuming his tour on Thursday where he’s performing in Washington D.C., but he will NOT go out on the town — something he liked doing in the past.

We’re told he wants to convince Paula he can change and be a good husband.  The surreptitious ass-grabbing is a thing of the past.

Sources also tell us … Robin is really concerned about their son.  He does not want him raised in 2 separate homes.The couple released a statement saying they have separated … but our sources made it clear … she wants a divorce.”




Darlings, let the battle commence.