As told by the Kittens who braved the elements to attend it:

We can’t tell you how much fun we had this weekend. Having never been to the Twin Cities area and thus, having never been to the Mall of America, we walked around wide-eyed and open-mouthed at:

a) The JAWDROPPING amount of snow all y’all live with. Seriously. We had to wrap our minds around the concept of “stale snow.” In our neck of the woods, it snows, the snow melts, and then later, it snows again. It doesn’t snow over the last snow, which is on top of the snow before that, etc. You Minnesota Kittens have snow upon snow upon snow.

b) The sheer scale of the Mall of America and how it serves as an actual vacation spot for families; an oasis of food, shopping, and even a freaking amusement park, all enclosed inside this massive space, keeping out the cold. We dropped some bucks. We’re all about supporting the local economy. Especially when the stores are great and there’s no sales tax on clothes. Just sayin’.

c) The fact that many of our kittens braved the aforementioned elements and even drove for hours and hours to see us. Not to pit kitten against kitten or anything, because we know that for the Philly, NYC, and DC readings, plenty of people had to haul ass from far away to come and see us, but some of the Mall of America Kittens drove as much as FOUR HOURS IN THE SNOW to come out, hear our cartoon voices, and then get maybe a minute, tops, to speak with us personally (we wish it was longer, but lines need to move) before driving back. That is truly astonishing to us – and humbling like you wouldn’t believe. We don’t take that kind of dedication lightly.

So a HUGE “Thank you” to all y’all Snow Kittens. You honor us and we’re immensely grateful for that. Plus you were all so fun! And we got to meet and chat with Bill Nye The Science Guy about bow ties, which is both awesome and surreal at the same time.

More tour dates coming, dolls.