And the Bitter Kittens were DRESSED TO THE NINES and out in force. It was our biggest crowd yet; well over 150 people – and we sold out every copy of the book in the store, darlings! It was an amazing night for us. We just love getting to meet all you guys. And while we knew our kittens would be stylish and fun, we’re so pleased to find out that y’all are so damn smart. The questions you guys come up with in the Q&As are fascinating and challenging and we love answering them. Blogging and writing is such a solitary thing, so it’s always something of a shock when you come face to face with the reality of your audience. But it’s an awesomely wonderful shock because you guys are too fabulous for words.

And since we don’t want to steal pictures from the kittens who were in attendance, we’ll just show you their tweets to give you an idea of the crowd. That they’re all saying wonderful things about us in their tweets is only a coincidence, we assure you. No, really.



We love you guys.

And attention must be paid to the extremely hard-working and gracious people at Barnes & Noble, who set up the chairs, organize the line, take the pictures and stay past closing to clean our mess up. In every store we’ve been to, they’ve been incredibly gracious and accommodating.

And we’ll be making announcements regarding more readings and signings very soon, darlings.