From Chapter 15, Acts of Contrition:

“At some point—usually through a haze of delusion and drugs, but sometimes simply because he sees the writing on the wall and can tell the public ain’t buying what he’s selling—a star will realize that he’s overstayed his welcome in the public’s good graces and that he’s permanently persona non grata with ticket buyers. Some will fade off into obscurity, but the smart ones, the hard, tested ones, will realize it’s time to put on their sad face and face the music.”

“This is when the star’s entire career stops being about whatever he used to do and becomes about apologizing full time. Inevitably, he will embarrass himself by running in front of cameras after a natural disaster to apologize for it.”

“And since the public forges these intense emotional bonds with celebrities, their hatred of them becomes itself a kind of relationship, which is why so many of the desperate ones dig their heels in and become even more obnoxious and self-destructive, because they know that you hating them is all they have left, and it’s always going to be preferable to you forgetting about them.”

From Defamer:

“On Tuesday, serial plagiarist and “not famous” famous actor Shia LaBeouf invited the public to join him at his latest cry for help in Los Angeles. According to the press release for his new performance entitled “#IAMSORRY,” LaBeouf will be “in situ” at an art gallery for six days so he can apologize for his sins.”

“In the middle of the room, sitting alone at a bistro table, was LaBeouf. He was wearing a tuxedo and an “I’m Not Famous Anymore” bag over his head. His hands were resting on the table. He was not moving.

I had plans to ask him great questions, to make him laugh, hold his hand, take off his bag, and convince him to take a picture with me. But when we locked eyes, I was unnerved. LaBeouf had been crying; under his right eye hole the bag was soaked with tears and stuck to his face. I introduced myself. “Are you tired?” I asked. “This must be exhausting.” Another tear fell.”

Darlings, what else need be said? These little attention whores just can’t help themselves.