From the Associated Press, via ABC NEWS:

“AP: What can we learn from celebrities about romance?

Tom: They don’t have relationships and they don’t have romances. They canoodle, and that is a very public form of a courtship dance that allows them to do this stuff in front of paparazzi while still maintaining a deniability. Do a whole themed celebrity scandal night. Leave a restaurant and pull a coat over your head and see what happens. Ask for a dark table at a restaurant and hide behind your menus. Just pretend that everyone’s interested in your love life. It makes it much, much, much more fun. Go have sex on a hotel balcony.

Lorenzo: Take a picture of yourself in the car with somebody and tweet it out but let them wonder who it is. Facebook mysteriously that you’re going to have a wonderful night, you can’t wait, and keep them guessing.”

Go, as they say, and read the whole thing. We were approached by the AP to give tips for Valentine’s Day (because this is our life now, noted with no small amount of amusement) and while we wondered ahead of time whether such a hook for an interview made much sense for us, we wound up really enjoying ourselves and running with the concept. It was a fun interview. Which is good, because it’s likely to be the most widely read interview of the two of us for the foreseeable future.