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Because we love you so much and also because we want you to buy our book. IN THAT ORDER, we promise. We want to show our appreciation to the kittens who pre-order the book, so here’s what we’re gonna do.

If you ordered a DIGITAL version of the book for download, we’ll happily and gratefully send you a 3×4 magnet of this: 


Because we think it’s gorgeous and hilarious and who wouldn’t want that kind of affirmation staring back at them from their refrigerator or inspiration board or file cabinet? A little slice of drag fabulosity and confidence to brighten your day. Just send us an email at [email protected] with a subject line of “DIGITAL”, a screencap of your order confirmation, and your mailing address and it’ll be on its way, darlings.


If you ordered a HARD COPY of the book, you will get the above magnet, but you ALSO get to pick which one of the following illustrations from the book (by our good friend and collaborator, Alex Cox) you’d like to receive, autographed by US. The printed versions will not have the watermarks you see here. 



Will it be the one from Chapter 3, Attention Whoring?






Or perhaps the one from Chapter 14, The Full Chernobyl, about celebrity meltdowns?






Or maybe you’re feeling a little closer to our turban’d diva from Chapter 16 , Lifetime Achievement Award:





Then again, maybe you feel better represented by the twink daddy illustration from Chapter 8, Acquiring Children:

It all depends on what kind of kitten you are: an attention whore,  a nutjob, a diva or a twink daddy. All illustrations are printed on a high quality 4×6 postcard and signed by the both of us. Just send us an email to [email protected], subject line “BOOK,” with an attached screencap of your order confirmation, your mailing address, and which picture you want signed: Attention Whore, Nutjob, Diva, or Twink Daddy. Unfortunately, we can’t take requests for autographed messages or we’d never get these things mailed out.  GIVEAWAY ENDS AT 11:59 PM, EASTERN TIME ON FEBRUARY 3RD.  You have to get your confirmation screencaps to us by then in order to get your gift. Best get to pre-ordering, if you haven’t done so, dolls.

How fabulous are those illustrations? And honestly, they’re not even necessarily the funniest ones in the book. They’re just the ones that best represent our kittens.